Navigating Business in the Cleveland Community

CNPP Overview and Spoke Information - Impact Data

The Community Navigator Pilot Program is powered by the US Small Business Administration and shares educational tools, resources, and funding opportunities to entrepreneurs in the city of Cleveland. Our ecosystem approach first combines a collaborative, grassroots, bottom-up approach with a navigator framework.

BBC serves as the "Hub" in each of the target service areas and will work with a robust network of small business service providers, community development financial institutions, universities, and trusted community advisors to share tools, resources, and education to traditionally underserved business communities that may not typically have access or know how to navigate capital readiness opportunities.

With this model, local business owners will have strategic points of entry via trusted community organizations, as well as connection to training, technical assistance, and entrepreneurial support that acknowledges and mitigates barriers. BBC will provide the support and resources to make this a viable and successful initiative. To mobilize this approach, BBC will partner with established community partners to serve as "Spokes". Additionally, spokes connected to the hub will provide support for specific demographic groups, language support, training, technical support as a part of the overall comprehensive strategy.

Currently, the CNPP eco-system has 7 spokes. They are:

Hispanic Business Center

2511 Clark Avenuve
Cleveland, OH 44109

(216) 281-4422

Contact Person: Randy Cedeno, Director of the Small Business Development Center

Area of focus: Small Business Development

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United Church of Christ / The Adese Fellowship:

700 Prospect Avenue
E. Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 736-2186
Contact Person: Melina D. Higbee, Strategic Programs Administrator


Area of focus: Business Start-up

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Friendly Inn Settlement House

2386 Unwin Road
Cleveland, OH 44104

(216) 431-7656

Contact Person: Yolanda Armstrong, President and CEO


Area of focus: Workshops, Speakers, and Merchant Meetings

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East End Neighborhood House

2749 Woodhill Road
Cleveland, OH 44104
(216) 707-6022

Contact Persons: Atunyese Herron, President & CEO

Area of focus: Workshops, Speakers, and Merchant Meetings

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Rid-All Green Partnership

8129 Otter Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44104

Contact: Randy McShepard, Co-founder


Area of focus: Resources to start and grow an Agri-business

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Cleveland State Center for Public and Nonprofit Management

2121 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 687-3509

Contact Person: Robert Ziol, Director


Area of focus: Social Enterprise and Leadership

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Village Capital Corporation

a subsidiary of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

11327 Shaker Blvd.
Suite 500W
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
(216) 484-4321

Contact Person: Jeremiah Triplett, Manager of Small Business Assistance


Area of focus: Funding and business acceleration for minority businesses

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